How I became an angel to my angel

My daughter Tina’s world revolves around her Barbie dolls world. She is a thorough dreamer and always imagines herself being a part of that world. That always amuses me as I can see my childhood days in her. Now her new demand is that she wants her bed to be similar to the bed, in which her Barbie sleeps. That is a pink floral lovely baby cot. I know she is completely smitten about the idea of sleeping in such a cot at night.

Well… how about gifting her a similar cot on this coming daughter’s day? After all, my angel considers me as her angel to fulfil her all wishes. :)

So here I go. No worry princess. Your wish is my command. You must be wondering after office hours I will have to hop from one kid’s store to another?

No no! Who has all the time in this world to do that when you can do your shopping from your comfort zone in just five minutes. Anyways, so I started my expedition on internet. I know that I can easily get some wonderful kid’s cot from an online site. Due to the discount these coupon codes offer, my shopping will also be within my budget. So no more worries. When I and my daughter are on shopping spree, it is hard to stop both of us. J

Today I and my daughter sat before the laptop when I came back from office. In fact the laptop was on my bed and Tina was sitting on my lap. After all, she is the final decision maker.:) We opened a site called When I searched for that, I was totally spellbound. They had huge collection of various fashionable and vibrant beds. I left it on Tina to select as I was utterly confused. Each looked as if that was the ultimate choice.

Tina figured out the cot which resembled her Barbie’s from the first page itself. I was excited to see that the rate is far below what I expected it to be even.

After all once again I got a chance to become an angel to my angel courtesy coupon codes. J


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Turbo System Review

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Create new space with River city decks

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